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  • Asus Memo Pad HD 7Better buy than the Nexus 7
  • New Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire HD
  • New Nexus 7The new best 7 inch tablet
  • iPad MiniThe first 7 inch tablet from Apple
Asus Memo Pad HD 71 New Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire HD2 New Nexus 73 iPad Mini4
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Best 7 inch tablet

The best 7 inch tablet

Even though it might sound strange, people are not united in the decision on what the best 7 inch tablet is. Some people argue that the Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus, and now the iPad mini, are the best contenders for the title "best 7 inch tablet" and they are not wrong, but (there is always a "but") there are many people who are actually not interested in spending $200-$250 or even more for a 7-inch tablet. It's size makes it very popular and easy to carry with, but people tend to turn to "bigger" tablets when the price seems to be "too much".

Popularity of 7 inch tablets is growing extremely fast and here we do our best to present you their features and good and bad sides and so make your decision easier on the question that appears - What is the best 7 inch tablet? The answer depends mostly on you, because it is not important what the best 7 inch tablet is, it is important what the best 7 inch tablet is for you, because you are important and it is your decision that matters.

Feel free to take a look at some of our 7 inch tablets below or explore 7 inch tablets by price or manufacturer, or you can see what others have bought by looking at the 7 inch tablet bestsellers.

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10 best tablets 2014 (10th to 6th)

What’s the best tablet for 2014? Today’s latest tablets compared and rated – constantly updated Tablets are taking the world by storm. Just a few years ago they were an unknown for many people, but nowadays you’ve got more choice than you can shake a mildly agitated badger at. And with choice comes decisions – [&hellip

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Top 5 tablets to buy now

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular because of their size, performance and often their price. Of course, not all of them are equal and you want to be sure to get yourself the best tablet for the money you spend. The best tablets usually offer a great design, high performance and have a high level of [&hellip

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Asus Memo Pad HD7 – Better buy than the Nexus 7

After the cheaper Asus Memo Pad ME172, now we are writing about the refreshed and quiet better Asus Memo Pad HD7. We say better because the HD7 features a quad core processor, 1280 x 800 IPS display and a rear camera of 5 Megapixels. Asus also included GPS and Bluetooth which were missing on the [&hellip

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The best tablet accessories

Ever since tablets came into our lives and in some strange way became the “must-have” gadgets for all ages, but especially for the young population, the production and sale of tablet accessories has skyrocketed bringing us more than a few tablet add-ons, equipment and applications which very often tend to be very useful and make [&hellip

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Kindle Fire HD vs Nexus 7 2 comparison

The most popular budget and best 7 inch tablets from last year were the Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7. However, Google released the new Nexus 7 2 so we thought it would be good to compare it with the tablet that was the number 1 bestseller on to see which one performs better in the comparison

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Google Nexus 7 2 Review

The Google Nexus 7 from last year was an amazing tablet and the best 7 inch tablet so far. However, and luckily, the increased performance, amazing screen resolution, and continuous growth of Android have made its replacement even more a winner

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ASUS Taichi 21 – An amazing concept meets an amazing device

ASUS is one of the first companies to place ultrabooks on the market so it is logical to expect the first more advanced concepts from them as well. ASUS does a lot of experimenting and tries out new things (someone said Padphone?). The most recent innovation coming from the Taiwan based company is a ultrabook-tablet [&hellip

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5 Useful Android Utilities – Android applications checkup

Tablets and smartphones with their abilities are slowly taking the place of their older “colleagues” desktop PCs, and as we are definitely entering a Post PC era customers are becoming aware that their tablets can be used for a big amount of tasks which were familiar only to desktop and laptop PCs. The hardware and [&hellip

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Cheap but excellent – Zeepad 7.0 Allwinnwer

Zeepad 7.0 Allwinnwer $77.80 Rating:   The Zeepad 7.0 tablet is an amazing and highly affordable solution for people with their budget being no more than $100. Moreover, it is one of the top 5 tablets less than $100 that we wrote about. The Zeepad 7.0 features a very powerful Boxchip A13, Cortex A8 1.5GHz processor [&hellip

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Best 5 tablets in 2012

In the previous article about tablets being the product of the year we shortly went over the growing popularity of tablets and the main reasons why they are having the biggest market growth in the history of consumer electronics. Before we start annoucing the top 5 tablets in 2012 we need to mention that this was a very difficult [&hellip

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7 inch tablet buying guide

If you are not sure what to buy, our buying guide will get you on the right track. If you are not 100% sure whether to buy a 7 inch tablet, and thinking about bigger tablets as well, the Apple iPad 4 is currently the best tablet on the market with its A6X processor, the [&hellip

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Best tablets 2013

Tablets have so quickly become the must-have mobile computing devices. Throughout that process we have seen many great tablets. However, with so many models available, choosing the best tablet comes down to your needs and price range. Those on a budget should check out Android tablets, as quality options start as low as $150. The [&hellip

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Tablet comparison – New Kindle Fire HDX vs Competition

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 and 8.9 feature faster quad core processors and a much improved and sharper display which is a big improvement in comparison to their predecessors. However, the question that appears is whether they can compete with today’s tablet industry leaders. Here is a short comparison of the top tablets currently. [&hellip

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